Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If this is an action plan.... I'd hate to see an inaction plan

Poisoned dwarf Hazel Blears has come up with her so called 'action plan' for Blackpool now we're not getting a supercasino. And she's really excelled herself/

Aparently we're getting;

£82m for sea defences (which are already half-built and without which we'd end up drowning anyway)
£100m for trams (work already underway, announced last month)
and £100m for schools and higher education (announced last year)

So basically we're left with what we've already got - no new conference centre, nothing that'll create jobs, no new investment.

It's time local MPs Gordon Marsden and Joan Humble did something useful. The casino is dead - we need better conference facilities because the Winter Gardens is becoming a joke. Come on, don't just dump us into the Irish Sea, give us a chance!

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