Monday, September 18, 2006

Nomination #1 Reid all about tit

I used to quite like John Reid. Anyone who tells it as it is about smoking is ok by me and I learn today that he’s married to a Brazilian film director (although that was on Wikipedia, so treat the information with caution!)

But the bollocks he came out with at the weekend about closing ‘loopholes’ which let the supposedly guilty off the hook.

Most of these loopholes surely come about because of the incompetence and negligence of various agencies of the Home Office, the very organisation he described as ‘not fit for purpose‘ just a couple of months ago.

So is Reid’s strategy to lower the standards of the criminal justice system to meet the level of ineptitude of the police, the immigration service and the CPS?

Perhaps if he really wants to close the loopholes he needs to make a change closer to home. If a copper, or some other official, makes an error which lets a guilty man (or woman) off the hook, sack ‘em. No fat salary, no fat pension, just give them the boot. That’ll teach them to py a bit more attention to the paperwork. Otherwise it’s a long roll back to the days of balls being ‘accidentally’ shoved into drawers and faces ‘accidentally’ colliding with nicely polished boots. Just because we beat it out of ‘em doesn’t mean they’re not guilty, right guv’nor?

Reid’s campaign to ‘put the victim first’ also saw him put the boot in to innocent people wrongly convicted of horrific criminal offences and now he’s messing about with the rape laws.

So, in supposedly putting the victim first, Reid is creating a new class of victims, men and women whose lives are destroyed because we’ve got a Home Office and a Home Secretary who are not fit for purpose.

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