Monday, October 15, 2007

Ming and gone

He's gone and done it! Ming Campbell has done the honorable thing and realised that being an elder statesman doesn't make you a leader. Quick look at the runners and riders;

Nick Clegg - young, dashing home affairs spokesman and hot favourite. On the right of the party and was the subject of an attempt to lure him to the Tory party. One of the Orange book brigade and an early favourite

Chris Huhne - Showed an opportunistic streak when putting his name forward for leader after Charles Kennedy's resignation. Been lobbying hard behind the scenes, I'm told. Bit of a wet blanket, a charisma-free zone if ever there was one. Definite possible, but can't really see him restoring the poll rating

David Laws - Another thrusting young buck and another of the Orange book (eg on the right) tendency. Probably won't take on Clegg

Lembit Opik - no, seriously

Vince Cable - surely they couldn't be that stupid again?

Simon Hughes - Hughes is a grassroots favourite but can't seriously see the public going for him (as it where) after the truth about his sexuality was eeked out last time (was going to be much nastier, but in fact looking back at the revelations there's no suggestion he did anything a grown adult shouldn't be doing)

Probably many others. Icky about some of his views as I am, Clegg would get the Osato vote, where he a paid up party member

Sunday, October 07, 2007

News haiku #2

Tesco backs school sport,
but how many vouchers buy
a new playing field?

This is fun...

News haiku #1

Poll talk unites Tories,
Brown blows big opportunity,
Hung parliament next