Monday, December 18, 2006

Rugger bugger

Now it's none of my business if Telegraph rugby hack Mick Cleary wants to write a long and pompous knocking post about rugby league on his blog. Opinionated bollocks is a perfectly acceptable way of using the blogosphere - in fact random abuse is this blog's stock in trade, although some of us would appreciate getting paid for it. Mr Dreary almost redeemed himelf anyway with an equally dull and obsequious semi-apology a few hours later.
No, what really got Mr Osato's goat was the fact that his comment fell prey to the Daily Telegraph censors. No naughty words (for once) just a tongue in cheek suggestion that Mr Cleary was pitching for the Telegraph's weekly award for attracting the most comments, in an attempt to justify their decision to get rid of all their decent hacks in favour of 'news hubs' and a multi-media brave new world including the wildly successful Telegraph PM. Unfortunately the new policy of 'interaction with the readers' doesn't seem to extend to accepting criticism. Barclay Brothers. Twats. Bring back Conrad Black.

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